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What we do?

Companies focus on coding and growing business while CuembyIO handles the complexity under the hood.

The Problem

Cloud transformation and automation is complex.

Optimization = Cost reduction

Automation = Performance Boost

Software Lifecycle = Productivity

The Solution

CuembyIO helps engineers automate the optimization of cloud resources without cloud expertise so that it reduces cloud spend, improves performance, and boosts security from a user-friendly dashboard.

An all in one cloud base platform. No expertise required or overwhelming tech stacks to learn. Just plug and play!

Increase deployments frequency eliminating boilerplate code, standardizing processes and automating workloads.

Reduce costs using an optimized and fully automated cloud platform.

How it works?

  • Managed governance.
  • End to end automated.
  • Centralized monitoring, logging and analytics.
  • Managed software lifecycle.
  • Automated scaling.
  • CI/CD
  • Security

Latest News

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Latest News

Check our blog

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