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How an Ecommerce Company saved 53% on Cloud Costs

Did you know 35% of companies are wasting on cloud spend? In 2019, 64% of Companies’ top goal was to reduce cloud spend, but only a handful of companies have implemented measures to address this issue. How can we tackle the rising cloud costs without compromising software performance?

This case study shows how MyPhoto, an e-commerce company transformed its cloud environment by working with Cuemby and achieved cloud cost reduction and improved software performance.

Challenges – Opportunities for Transformation

MyPhoto sells personalized photo products online. While they were enjoying business growth, its software infrastructure was struggling to scale and meet the rapidly increasing order volume.

They were facing challenges including:

  • An increase in the cloud spends on AWS EC2 instances that were approaching close to $10,000 per month.
  • Deployments would crash during the code push.
  • No dedicated internal DevOps team to optimize the existing cloud set up.
  • Unable to keep the site scalable during peak times.
  • Frequent site crashes.

MyPhoto had options to resolve the issues on their own; however, they may not be the ideal options for them because of the time that is required to implement the solutions, and they needed to quickly transform their cloud environment to support the busiest season that was fast approaching.

Their Options:

  • Working on the challenges with their internal engineers would require a significant amount of time as they need to train themselves on the cloud technologies and then find ways to improve their software performance on their own. They had limited time to transform their cloud as their busy season was approaching.
  • Hiring DevOps engineers with skills and experience in Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies would take months and would cost the company thousands of dollars in their salaries. Onboarding the qualified engineers and training them would take the company even more time.

Solution: Cuemby’s Cloud Audit and DevOps on-Demand Services.

Then, MyPhoto reached out to Cuemby.

The company engaged with Cuemby to review the software architecture and use Cuemby’s DevOps on-demand service to implement the recommendations. Within 3 months, Cuemby was able to turn the unstable site into an automated, scalable and stable software.

MyPhoto has:

– Moved away from the big EC2 instances and adopted Kubernetes containers.

– Optimized their Docker images using a multi-step build resulting in a faster image building.

– Implemented a basic Pipelines using GCP code build, instead of Amazon Code build.

– Implemented HA Kubernetes Cluster with East-West redundancy.

– Implemented Istio for service mesh.

– Implemented Certmanager to Let’s Encrypt certificates management.

In order to solve frequent crashing of the website, Cuemby also set up testing, development and staging environments to detect bugs before they are entering into the production environment.



Not only did MyPhoto significantly reduce their cloud spend, but they also achieved transformation in the following areas:

BEFORE – Average 9.1K monthly spending 

AFTER – Average 4.1k monthly spending

Cuemby team successfully reduced the cloud spend by 53 %*

(comparison between October through December in 2018 and October through December in 2019)


Time to build containers

  • Optimized their container images to build faster.


  • Better visibility into the deployment process and easier to deploy Lambda changes due to the Serverless implementation.


  • Improved security around the database, the API as well as the access to sensitive information.

Support response

  • With Cuemby DevOps on-demand, response time to address issues is now faster.

Application performance

  • The website is running faster with less compute power.


  • Set up development and a staging environment for testing before releasing to production as there was only a production environment available.

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